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about Ely for Language

July 29, 2009

Ely For Language is a centre that serves as a window to activities relating to language, language learning, language teaching, music and the arts.  

The centre is in a village called Witchford not far from the city of Ely. Ely is renowned for a large Cathedral that dominates the surrounding countryside. The Cathedral is often called ‘The Ship of the Fens’ for it is surrounded by flat land. This land was once marshland that was drained in the 17th century. The Cathedral often hosts high profile concerts and events that are frequently reviewed by the author. Some of these reviews will be posted on this site and others may be viewed by searching ‘RJWestwell’ or ‘Rosemary Westwell’ which should reveal several pages of her reviews and other work posted by other organizations and institutions.

The author’s current activities include teaching English as a Foreign Language, writing books on the subject of EFL teaching and language learning, writing reviews of local concerts and plays, teaching General English to students who need a little extra, teaching Piano, Singing and Music Theory, directing a local Ladies’ Choir called The Isle Singers and giving talks to local organizations. The most popular talk at present is ‘An Aus in England’. (The author was born in Australia and is now resident in the UK.)

The author is a member if IATEFL and she presented a paper at the conference in Cardiff in March 2009. The paper was based on the findings of her PhD thesis: ‘The development of language acquisition in a mature learner’.

Her presentation may be viewed at the following website:…/close-look-mature-language-learner

Her PhD thesis is available on line at:


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July 27, 2009

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