What is it about McCall Smith’s writing?

What is it about McCall Smith’s writing?

What is it about Alexander McCall Smith’s writing that is so appealing? I picked up his “Dream Angus” from the library. Previously I had enjoyed his books about folk in Edinburgh even though I have only visited the city a couple of times so I was willing to give this book a try. My initial reaction was that I would probably find the theme of the stories uninteresting. Stories about ancient gods and a god that gives you dreams seemed a most unlikely topic for someone who is interested in searching for the truth, in stories based on real facts or in clever plots in murder mysteries.

However, from the start, I found his language fascinating. Short sentences that were unpresuming, clear and to the point lured me into his stories. He seems to have the knack of needing only a few words to describe exactly what is going on in the mind of his characters. A simple statement about the weather, the self-belief of the characters or institutions, or events as they occurred caught my imagination.

By the time I reached the third story I was hooked and could not put the book down.  You should give it a go.


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