What kind of book should I write?

The recession, and the ponderous nature of the publishing world have led me to the decision that it might be in my best interests to try publishing my own book. There are websites now that make this much more affordable than it used to be e.g. www.blurb.com.

I somewhat rashly said I would be promoting a book at the IATEFL Conference in Harrogate next year (2010) so obviously I need to complete it by then!

What kind of book should I write? If it depends on how people will want to use it, I suppose a straightforward, no-nonsense approach might be best. However, reading it would be a bit boring. I think I would prefer to read one that is more informal and chatty. If another PhD students wants to use it, maybe I should publish it exactly as it is at the moment. Any ideas?

I’ll paste below three ways I could approach it. Which would you prefer? Is there another way I should present it?


The diary of a language learner

Entry: 1

Date : Wednesday 15 September 1999 1010 a.m. for about 45 minutes                  

Age: this is already ‘known’ to be a disadvantage

Appropriate Approach: the only change I made was to consider abandoning the course early in the procedure if I did not fulfil my needs – e.g. the need for help with pronunciation …


The diary of a language learner

Tasmania was too far. There was no way I would be able to skip backwards and forwards from the UK to this idyllic isle for regular holidays. There was nothing for it but to swap the property I had inherited in Tasmania for one in warmer climes, closer to my new home in the UK.

With great difficulty I settled for Spain, largely incurred because of my complete lack of Spanish. As the proud owner of a new flat close to the Mediterranean Sea surrounded by Spanish speakers, there was nothing for it but to learn Spanish. What better way to learn Spanish than to observe myself going through the process. I knew it would be tortuous. …


Day 1: Wednesday  15  September

I knew age was going to be a disadvantage. With some trepidation I started my first course in learning Spanish:  “Teach  Yourself  Spanish by Juan  Kattán-Ibarra, 1998: a  complete  course  in  understanding,  speaking  and  writing  Spanish.”

 Even at first glance, I felt dissatisfied. This course did not give me exactly what I needed. I needed to know how to pronounce the words.    END

So, what do you think? comments would be gratefully received.


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