How should we teach language to our preschool children?

Does it matter how we teach our pre-school children?

I was in a discussion with a fellow teacher the other day. We were of opposing views. I believe that young children should be exposed to as many different ways of approaching language as possible. They will pick up what they can from one, some or all of the different ways. My opponent, on the other hand, believes that children should be introduced to language and to reading by a purely phonetic approach. When continuing the discussion with another I was given a wonderful example of the danger of a purely phonetic approach. A youngster learning to read the word ‘girl’ will read it as guh – i –  r uh – luh = gorilla!


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One Response to “How should we teach language to our preschool children?”

  1. marymcguire Says:

    Yikes! So much that can go wrong with education can’t it!


    Mary Mc

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