What are good manners these days?

How important are good manners? What are good manners these days?

One interpretation of good manners, I guess, is to consider the people around you so that they feel comfortable in you rcompany.  When a friend joined us for lunch she kept answering her mobile phone – in the end I snapped “Turn it off”. Who was in the wrong eh?

With reference to language, I hate it when people use a stream of abbreviations when they speak– ones that take me ages to work out what they are supposed to mean until the meaning of the whole conversation is stilted or even c completely lost.  It tickled me when a member of staff stood looking at the board one day and commented: “There are too many TLA’s.” – more abbreviations I muttered to myself. I asked “What do you mean by TLA’s?” “Three-Letter Abbreviations” he replied. – loved it!


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One Response to “What are good manners these days?”

  1. marymcguire Says:

    Great story, reminds me of something similar which happened to a friend a Uni, he was telling me how he an a girl on his course had been bemoaning the use of abbreviations for… well pretty much everything on their degree course.

    “Yes,” she said. “I hate it when they talk in abs.”

    Nice one.



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