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On publishing your own book 3

December 16, 2009

16th December 2009

I sent the first page of my book: “Out of the Learner’s Mouth” to the copy editor who replied immediately and showed me the format I should use. I found this very encouraging and really helpful. I should have known what format to use, but it is amazing how many silly mistakes one makes. There is no doubt that a copy-editor is needed.

I emailed my contact for a large publishing firm that indicated interest in publishing another book. I asked what progress had been made for it has been a good six months since I sent the work to them. I have received no reply.

On the tax front, if the talk I am giving at the IATEFL Conference at Harrogate next year is an advertisement, it can be set against tax – worth noting. Just attending a conference for improving my understanding cannot be set against tax.


On publishing your own book 2

December 9, 2009

9 December 2009

I need to respond to the copy-editor’s reply. It will cost me £20 per hour to have a hard copy edited and £22.50 per hour if it is done on line. This is the going rate, I believe. I plan to finish writing the book in January 2010 while in my apartment in Spain. I have yet to establish wireless broadband in the flat which may be difficult, going by previous experiences. However, a hard copy would still be a possibility although printing could cost a bomb if I am using a shop in the city.

I have decided to try to have the book edited in three stages – 15,000 words at a time. This should make the planned schedule feasible.

I have been phoning the UK tax helpline (08453003949). So far it has been made clear that if this book publishing lark is my business, I could claim the copy-editing costs and the cost of producing the book against tax under the heading ‘other costs’. You are also permitted to put charges for advertising against tax.

I asked about the tax implications of attending a conference related to the subject and/or presenting a paper. I will be presenting a paper at the IATEFL Conference in Harrogate next April 2010. The title will be “Out of the Learner’s Mouth: the diary of a language learner” (also the subject of my book). The information I required about putting the costs of this against tax required a tax technician and there were none available. I was told I would be phoned back in three days. The trouble is, I have been phoning over a period of 6 days and have received no return phone calls at all.

There is no doubt about it. Getting your own book published is not going to be easy.

On publishing your own book 1

December 3, 2009

After waiting months for a publishing company to come back to me about publishing one of my books, after discovering that one firm’s ‘editing’ was worse than my own and after so many salutary rebuffs or complete lack of response from reputable publishers, I have decided to bite the bullet and publish my own book.

It seems more and more important that it is the people you approach that makes the difference – not the particular firm. I asked a local publisher I know and he offered me the name of a copy-editor. When I emailed the copy-editor I got an immediate response – wow!  Not only that, she addressed me personally and set out what she could offer clearly. For the first time I feel we will be able to work together and negotiate a sensible way forward. The only problem will be the cost of getting the book into shape and published. I cannot see how I would ever cover costs, but maybe as a long-term investment it might still be worth it. It might also be worth investigating the tax implications.

I guess the next thing is to write the book – so with renewed vigour I leave this piece of writing to get down to it. I plan to add more about what happens in the process of publishing my book but I have learnt to be realistic – plans initiated by human beings are not necessarily carried out as intended! Until next issue, perhaps …