On publishing your own book 2

9 December 2009

I need to respond to the copy-editor’s reply. It will cost me £20 per hour to have a hard copy edited and £22.50 per hour if it is done on line. This is the going rate, I believe. I plan to finish writing the book in January 2010 while in my apartment in Spain. I have yet to establish wireless broadband in the flat which may be difficult, going by previous experiences. However, a hard copy would still be a possibility although printing could cost a bomb if I am using a shop in the city.

I have decided to try to have the book edited in three stages – 15,000 words at a time. This should make the planned schedule feasible.

I have been phoning the UK tax helpline (08453003949). So far it has been made clear that if this book publishing lark is my business, I could claim the copy-editing costs and the cost of producing the book against tax under the heading ‘other costs’. You are also permitted to put charges for advertising against tax.

I asked about the tax implications of attending a conference related to the subject and/or presenting a paper. I will be presenting a paper at the IATEFL Conference in Harrogate next April 2010. The title will be “Out of the Learner’s Mouth: the diary of a language learner” (also the subject of my book). The information I required about putting the costs of this against tax required a tax technician and there were none available. I was told I would be phoned back in three days. The trouble is, I have been phoning over a period of 6 days and have received no return phone calls at all.

There is no doubt about it. Getting your own book published is not going to be easy.


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