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Publishing your own book 4

January 30, 2010

One of the major problems with publishing your own book is finishing it.  

I set aside three weeks for that purpose and the book was written. It is called “Out of the Learner’s Mouth” to accompany a presentation I will be making at the IATEFL Conference at Harrogate on April 8th. I am still trying to think of an addition to the title. At the moment it is “Out of the Learner’s Mouth: the diary of a mature language learner learning Spanish as a beginner”- which is not very catchy or impressionable. Your suggestions would be most welcome.

 After finishing writing the book you have to do the boring bit: checking it through. I believed that I had checked my work thoroughly and that I had corrected every mistake.

 I asked around for a recommended copy editor.  I contacted her and we agreed on a tight schedule of completing within three weeks.

In the first week, I wrote the first section and sent it to her as agreed. She then said she had another project she had to finish first – the agreed schedule went out the window right at the beginning!

The copy-editor sent me the corrected version of the first section. I was completely amazed that I had made so many mistakes. When I combed through the corrected text, the copy editor was right.

I am now convinced, you cannot produce a book without a copy-editor. The current rate for work corrected online is £22 per hour (in January 2010) which makes it difficult to know how you will be able to recoup the costs. One thing is certain, schedules are made to be broken, so more time should be allowed for this to happen.