Trying to write the blurb about yourself as the author is difficult

It is difficult to write about yourself  as the author. It would be much easier to write about someone else, but it must be done. This is my latest version for the front cover of Out of a Learner’s Mouth. Suggestions for improvement?

The author is the teacher and writer Dr. Rosemary Westwell.

Brought up in Tasmania, she made her first move overseas when she flew across the waters of Bass Strait to study School Music at Melbourne University. After teaching in Tasmania for a short while, she wanted to explore more of the world. She sailed to England and eventually settled in a village in Cambridgeshire, acquiring an English husband, two daughters and a number of grandchildren.

After the death of her father she inherited a house in Tasmania. Realizing it was too far to go for holidays, she exchanged it for a flat in Spain on the Mediterranean Sea. She needed to learn Spanish and decided to keep a reflective diary on her Spanish learning experiences as the data for her PhD research thesis. Out of a Learner’s Mouth is born from a desire to write frankly and humorously about her difficulties as a learner and researcher.

In her life in the UK, she writes reviews of local concerts and plays and teaches Piano, Singing and English. She runs a ladies’ choir called The Isle Singers which gives concerts regularly. The singers may be found carolling at Ely Station at Christmas.

She has had a number of articles, short stories and poems published. Her book Spontaneous Survival Lessons in English is published by Zigzag Education. Future books in the pipeline include her first novel Tassie Rebel and its sequel, Teaching Language Learners and a course for IGCSE.


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One Response to “Trying to write the blurb about yourself as the author is difficult”

  1. JL Hagger Says:

    Hi Rosemary, good to see your blog and reference to your ZigZag Education resource too.

    People viewing your blog can see more about your Spontaneous Survival Lessons in English at

    Regards, JL

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