The Mystery of the sinking of HMS Dasher

The mystery of the sinking of HMS Dasher near Scotland in the Second World War continues. An 86 year-old has been reported to be asking for other witnesses to come forward to help explain why there is so much secrecy about the sinking of the vessel.  He saw a plane go into the ship.  Was it friendly fire? He asks why has there never been any inquiry about the sinking of the ship?

Then there is Operation Mincemeat: the ingenious plan to plant a dead body on the shores of Spain so that the Germans would read the papers on the body and assume that Sicily would not be the main thrust of the Allies’ next attack.

There is no doubt in Ben Macintyre’s mind that the ‘man that never was’ – was a Welsh tramp who killed himself with rat poison. I am reading Ben’s book Operation Mincemeat at present.  In my mind there still remains the mystery of why transport a body all the way to Scotland and why the Spanish pathologists did not suspect that a discoloured body had not died from drowning. Another question still hangs in the air: did they switch bodies, using a naval officer who had drowned when HMS Dasher sank? Will we ever know for certain?


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