A workshop for the International Association for Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (IATEFL)

I will be attending the IATEFL Conference in Harrogate in April this year. Here is an outline of the workshop I hope to give to support the book ‘Out of a Learner’s Mouth’. Maybe I’ll see you there?:

WORKSHOP “Out of a learner’s mouth”

Rosemary Westwell (Cambridgeshire/Bournemouth)

Thursday 8th April, Harrogate, Harewood 1, 605-650 p.m.

What do students’ comments really mean and what do they imply?

How can we satisfy their learning needs?

This workshop takes statements made by learners during their language lessons. Participants interpret the statements and devise approaches for the students. There is no right answer but endeavouring to find one helps us as teachers.

After the workshop has explored what lies behind a student statement and our consequent teaching priorities, excerpts from a supporting book are given. The book, written in diary form, is an amusing and no holds barred account of learning Spanish as a beginner.   


If a student asks: “Which course is best for me?”,  does the student want to know about the content of courses available or are there a number of constraints he/she needs to deal with first? If the student has few constraints, what is his/her level of competency, preferred topics, how much time and effort does the student want to apply,…? The list is endless.

We discuss our interpretation of the question and our teaching priorities.

 Excerpts from the diary in the book Out of a Learner’s Mouth are interpreted and discussed.

Other questions are dealt with similarly in the time allowed.

contact:  rjwestwell@hotmail.com

Comments? Suggestions anyone?


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