Big is not necessarily best!

Thank goodness for WordPress!

At last I can have a say. With the ever-increasing size of organizations, ‘big’ is certainly not ‘best’ as far as I am concerned.

I watched Dallas Campbell in ‘Bang Goes the Theory’ the other night and kept muttering – but this has all been done before! Michael Gruneberg – a name hardly anyone seems to know – ‘invented’ the ‘linkword method’ for learning languages years ago – using the same technique – relating unusual, spectacular or bizarre interacting pictures that mean something to us in order to retain new words. With his technique you look at a new word for 10 seconds while visualizing items interacting, – the names of the items relating closely to the sound and meaning of the new word, e.g. the Spanish word ‘gato’ could be remembered by visualizing a cat eating a gateau.

The only trouble is, the BBC pay scant attention to the method – yes the programme was flash, interesting and entertaining – but says nothing of what those of us who have been studying the subject  for years have to say. My particular beef is that I spent years writing a PhD thesis on how we can learn a language as a mature student, found that visualizing was tremendously helpful, but that the new words were only retained temporarily. You need to practice recalling the material again and again over increasing periods of time to retain what you have learnt on a permanent basis. (Just in case you are interested, my thesis was ‘The development of language acquisition in a mature learner’.)

There, that is off my chest now. I tried to add this comment to the BBC site, but, as is the tendency with huge organizations these days, I was sent round in circles and had nowhere to add my comments in a quick and easy manner.

I doubt if the untouchable BBC will ever know about me or be interested in anything I have to say – I am not famous, glamorous or wealthy so I dare say my comment will go unheeded, but thanks to WordPress, I’ve at least been able to say my piece! More power to WordPress!


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