If you are learning Spanish, there is one person you should follow.

If you are learning Spanish, there is one person you should follow and this is Jane Cronin. She is situated near Torrevieja in Spain, but in this ever-shrinking world, there is plenty available for you from her on the internet no matter where you are situated.

I have not been asked to write this by her, I am writing this as an ‘experienced’ learner of Spanish and as a result of reading her contribution to the Costa Blanca News recently. This newspaper, based in Spain, but written in English, contains her words of advice on how to learn a little more Spanish.

I am a teacher of English as a Foreign Language and I have completed a PhD thesis on how we acquire language. The basis of the thesis was my observations of what happened while I was learning Spanish from scratch as a mature learner, so I believe I speak with some authority.

Jane has exactly the right approach. She writes in a relaxed, chatty style that engages and entertains you, yet it has enough content to introduce you to or remind you of plenty of Spanish. As a teacher, I always have difficulty in avoiding patronizing my learners as I inform them of certain vocabulary or points of grammar. Jane has absolutely no problem with this – the attitude she presents is one of genuine sincerity and interest.

Thank you, Jane, I look forward to your next contribution!


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3 Responses to “If you are learning Spanish, there is one person you should follow.”

  1. janecronin Says:

    I can´t believe this was written three years ago and I’ve only just come across it! Just shows what my computers skills are like. Thank you so much for this comment, which I am now going to share! With kind regards and best wishes for 2016. Jane (Cronin)

  2. janecronin Says:

    Reblogged this on janecronin.

  3. John Cohalan Says:

    I agree with Ely’s observations

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