Word that sound similar but are spelt differently

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In preparation for my presentation at the IATEFL Conference in Harrogate this year (2014) I have suggested that it is helpful for students’ spelling and reading to think about how words may sound the same but are spelt differently.

Here is a suggested list to work from. Students may wish to add to this or the teacher may use this list as part of a lesson or forgames.

bed, head, said

card, bath, half

dot, watch, cough, yacht

fort, always, all, audio, caught, bought, bawl

book, full

food, two, you, rude, new, sue, who

cup, one, enough, dozen

bird, fern, rehearse

lemon, sugar, teacher, doctor, minus

rain, baby, bake, may, eight

coast, dough, host, open, snow, cope,

kite, buy, dry, height, high, lion, pie

cow, out, bough, doubt

coil, toy, buoy

ear, cheer, pier, weird

bear, bare, air, mayor

fuel, dew, music, queue,

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