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A short story: ‘Diana’ written for a rather interesting course on writing

May 11, 2014

This is a short story I have written for a rather interesting course I am doing. It about writing fiction and is provided FREE as a MOOC (massive online open course, I think).
Her new fragrance attracted him to her more than ever. Her curvaceous body was tantalisingly close to him now but Jason knew not to touch, not to even comment. He sat, frozen at his desk while the office secretary, Diana, leaned over him to grab the phone directory for Birmingham.
Why Birmingham? he wondered. As projects manager, he knew that there were no projects in the Birmingham area and there were never likely to be since Harold had fallen out with the council after that disastrous time there two years ago.
Diana turned to smile at him briefly. His heart pounded as he watched her glide back to her seat. She flipped through the pages of the directory and jotted down a number. Why wasn’t she searching the internet? That would be much easier and less noticeable.
Jason shook his head and picked up the paper needing attention. He read the words but was not listening. His mind would not focus. He blushed as he remembered that ghastly day last week when he’d summoned up the courage to ask her out. Just as he was about to pose the question, Harold had interrupted. Jason was so annoyed with himself for not trying again but he knew he really had no chance with Diana. His mother had always tried to cheer him up by telling him good things come in small parcels, but there was no denying it, he was no catch. What, with his very short stature, his massive freckles and abundant red hair he was doomed to a solitary existence. He sighed.
‘Can you type up these notes from yesterday’s meeting please?’ Harold towered over Diana’s desk, dropping a handful of pages in front of her. Harold’s tone was its usual direct no-nonsense, impassionate self. At least they aren’t connected now, Jason thought. There had been a rumour that they had been seeing each other outside work, but Lucy was always spreading gossip that wasn’t true. Affair or not, Jason was convinced there was nothing between them now. His heart missed a beat; there might be a chance for him yet.
Diana immediately started typing. Finally, Jason heard the printer working. He looked up and met Diana’s clear blue eyes. He blushed.
Then she picked up the phone. When it was answered she spoke very softly, so softly that no matter how hard Jason leaned over and listened, he couldn’t hear what she was saying. The conversation was short, almost abrupt, so it was business, definitely business.
Two days later, Harold was late to work. Lucy, rushed in. ‘Have you heard?’
Jason groaned, not another of her made up stories.
‘No, no,’ Lucy insisted, ‘It’s true, honest. Harold’s been killed. Someone shot him in the street as he was leaving late from work last night.’
Jason glanced at Diana. She sat motionless, unperturbed except for a slight flush in her cheek. He thought that maybe he was not so attracted to her after all.