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Questions about Tasmania

October 5, 2014

While friends are looking after my house in the UK, I will be visiting Tasmania next month. I have ‘a few questions’ I’d like to try and answer:
Did my uncle really get up to mischief with Errol Flynn in Hobart?
Which schools did Errol attend and was evicted from?
What stories are there about Spy Catcher Peter Walker who settled in Hobart?
What VIP did Dad meet in Devonport when Dad was still in his gardening clothes?
Can you still find Aboriginal flints on the farms on the south-east coast?
Is it still possible to have a blue-tongued lizard as a pet?
Are the Tasmania devils still in decline?
Has the Tasmanian tiger really been seen as reported?
Can you still catch flathead in abundance?
Are abalone, crayfish, oysters and scallops still abundant?
Why do so many places in Tasmania have English names?
Do the locals still think of England as ‘the home country’?
Is it still ‘in’ to be descended from a convict?
Is it better to be a pensioner/teenager/schoolchild/parent there?
Is dementia care better in Tasmania?
What does ‘Neighbour’s’ and ‘Home and Away’ mean to the locals?
Is the Aussie-outdoor easy-going better life fact or fiction?
Is water still turned off in the afternoons when there is a drought?
Do people still picnic with tea boiled in billy cans?
Do the Roaring 40s still create havoc every winter?
(And as research for my next book):
Are red-back spiders still prevalent?
Would a red-back hide in a table desktop?
Could such a desk be transported from Tasmania to the UK in the 80s, spider intact?
What does the bite of a red-back spider look like?
If you were bitten, would you be able to shake the spider off easily?
If you were bitten in the dark, would you know definitely what you had been bitten by?
Could you keep a red-back in a shoe box safely for a while?
What would happen exactly if you died from a red-back spider bite?
How long would you take to die if you had a heart complaint, could you die suddenly?
If you can answer any of these questions already, that would be wonderful!