workshop on Humour at the IATEFL Conference 2017

Hopefully some people will be looking up the internet for more information about me in relation to my workshop at the IATEFL Conference. As well as a summary of the workshop on Humour that I plan to put here after it has taken place, I offer information about my publications:

The speaker: Dr Rosemary Westwell (


  • PhD thesis ‘The Development of Language Acquisition in a Mature Learner’ freely available at
  • ‘Out of a Learner’s Mouth’: an informal diary of her acquisition of Spanish as a mature learner
  • ‘Teaching Language Learners’ a book of ideas for new and experienced teachers of English as a Foreign Language‘
  • Twenty Tips for Teaching IGCSE ESL teaching ideas for preparation for this examination
  • ‘The Spelling Game’
  • ‘A Close Look at unseen Poetry’
  • ‘John Donne Poetic Voices Study Guide for AS/A Level AQA Lang & Lit.’ a study guide for the poetry of John Donne Zigzag Education
  • ‘The Spelling Game’ Zigzag Education
  • ‘John Dementia and Me’ a personal account of her experience married to a man who gradually succumbed to early onset dementia.
  • ‘John’s Shadow’ a murder mystery
  • blogs:;

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