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self-publishing in the Telegraph

February 24, 2010

A friend gave me a cutting from the Telegraph Weekend (Feb 13th, 2010) about self-publishing. Three websites are mentioned:, and Otherwise the article does not give a lot of hope. I will find it difficult to sell my self-published book – I am not surprised.

I tried to use the format of blurb some time ago. I could not get my book to fit into their framework. After a couple of hours I’m afraid I gave up. I have settled on a local small publisher – Rodney Dale at FernHouse in Haddenham, Cambs.

The article did alert me to copy right issues. It was much cheaper for me to have the ISBN number under the publisher’s name. I see that this gives him copyright. I will have to check on this!

Jonathan Clifford’s website ( might also be worth checking