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Programme for Ely Writers’ Day on 17th October 2015 in Ely Library (Cambs. UK)

October 2, 2015

Here is our Ely Writers’ Day Progamme for 17 October 2015 Ely Library 1000 – 1500

This free event is organized by The Trio of Writers: Rosemary Westwell, Hayley Humphrey and Mary McGuire (pictured)

To book your place (free) contact

The Trio of Writers 1 email

0930 preparation

0945 coffee and networking

1015 Rosemary Westwell introduction, launch of my first whodunit: ‘John’s Shadow’. How to avoid making the mistakes I had to overcome when writing this novel.

1035 Mike Rouse my personal story: what I write, why I write it and how I research it.

1055 Margaret Brown and/or questions and answers for ‘beginners’

1115 Mary McGuire Tips and cheats for the time strapped writer. If you only get a few minutes a day at your writing desk, how can you make them count?

1135 coffee

1155 Sue Burge Mini-workshop – surprise yourself and produce one or two pieces of guided fiction/poetry in 20 minutes!

1215 Mary Nichols practical guidance on writing and presenting a novel followed by short questions and answers

1240 lunch

1335 Hayley Humphrey ‘Nanowrimo – can you write a novel in a month?

1355 James Steller (Scott) How to get the book to paper back without a publisher via amazon print on demand

1415 Stephanie Hale ‘Advice for first time authors: how to find and approach a publisher and prepare your work so that he/she will be interested in your book.’

1435 Question and Answer session

1450 announcement of short story winner by the Mayor of Ely, (First prize £50 donated by North Staffordshire Press)

1500 networking packing up/coffee to Burrows

Please leave feedback, take a flyer and we would be grateful for any donations towards costs (estimated costs per person is about £10)

Some books mentioned are available to purchase now from Burrows Bookshop, 9 High St Passage Ely (just around the corner)

Note: The next Short Story competition: send an unpublished story of 500 words to  by midnight on Friday 26th February 2016

The next Writers’ Day will be on Saturday 19th March 2016 at Ely Library 1000 – 150


Poetry Day October 2009

October 11, 2009

Poetry Day Oct 2009

What a wonderful idea! I doubt if I would have approached the subject of poetry had it not been for Poetry Day and an event advertised at the Babylon Gallery in Ely. I was having lunch in Ely with a friend so I arrived a little late but what a fruitful afternoon it was! I had several poets on hand helping me try to improve my attempts at poetry. They encouraged me to write anything at first – leaving a line between each of my efforts and then revising. It is the revising where it gets difficult. What makes a good poem? It seems one must avoid common phrases, adjectives and adverbs. The words, I believe, need to evoke a feeling and or an image in the reader. This image/feeling need not necessarily be the same as those expressed.  Each word has to be exactly the ‘right one’.

I am still working on the poem but here is a first attempt:

Screeching voice

Pierces oneness with Debussy

Wrinkled piano keys shake.

My fingers in black thirds, soothe.

My soul wretches: over-cooked cabbage

Fuses with rippling chords.

Putrid, slippery floors drown

In my moonlit dream.

 It is supposed to reflect my feelings as I played Debussy’s  Clalre de Lune on an old piano when I was at boarding school.  

One of the poets at the Poet’s Day event at the Babylon Gallery was John Lyons who has a book launch on 15th October 2009 at 7 p.m. in Ely library which you may wish to attend.  His book is called No apples in Eden and is about Caribbean life.