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Review of my book ‘Out of a Learner’s Mouth’

January 11, 2013
two learners of Spanish have very kindly sent me a review of my book called ‘Out of a Learner’s Mouth’ (still available from me, the author). I enclose it here. I would be very interested in any other commets/reviews…
‘What we find entertaining about this book is the amusing way Rosemary gives us an insight into her sometimes chaotic life while we find out how she is learning Spanish. A little to our surprise we also discovered that it was an effective motivator for us to spend more time at our own attempts to learn the language.
We were also reassured that it seems OK to use a variety of sources to try and learn another language.
It has encouraged us to continue with our struggle to communicate with our Costa Rican inlaws.
A real plus for us was that it was amusing and easy reading.’

Bill and Alison Perry